The Green Woman trilogy #2 The Subtle Fiend

 The Subtle Fiend takes us back to Providence. I know, I’m sorry, you thought you’d escaped the place. But it didn’t go away just because Deborah was on a mission. Admit it, you really want to know what happened to Hera, the Dananns, and the Protector and his diabolical plans.

This is what the reviewers said:

“The Subtle Fiend explores the complexities of human nature. How much can a person endure before they are pushed to the breaking point? How much evil can a person ignore before they’re forced to stand up for what is right?”

“Emotion: This book reached up and slapped me in the face. Literally. I have bruises to prove it.”

The author “digs into the corrupt core of her villains and makes her world come alive with their depravity, then saves the reader from utter despair with the honor and decency of her heroes.”

“This is looking at the dark side, where evil is malignant and brags about it, struggling to get free of it seems hopeless, yet those seeking freedom prevail in their search, and your hair stands on end, yet the book is impossible to put down.”



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Want to know what it’s about?

When reality becomes a nightmare, only dreams can save the world.

Deborah, daughter of the fabled Green Woman, has disappeared, and Hera, another grey-robed schoolgirl, has become the hostage in her place. Hera fears she will be left to languish, unnoticed and forgotten, in her prison cell. But the honesty in her eyes touches a young Black Boy, her prison guard—Amon.

Amon is destined for a military career, but convinced of the innocence of his prisoner, he begins to question the laws and values of his city. In befriending Hera, he risks his life by standing between her and the most powerful man in Providence—the Protector.

The Protector’s new hostage will serve her purpose. After all, one veiled girl looks much like another. But if Deborah has joined her mother and her host of myths and stories, the sham will be revealed. To hang onto power the Protector determines to destroy the Green Woman’s allies within Providence by lighting the sacrificial fires of Moloch. When the flames have burned out none will be left, not even the child at its mother’s breast.

As the flames of evil leap and dance in Providence, Hera and Amon resolve to defy the Protector, with courage as their only weapon.

And here’s a taster.

The usual bustle and noise reigned in the laundry, the usual steamy atmosphere and reek of chemicals. But something was different; the supervisors, instead of standing in a bored group waiting for work to start, so they could sit and watch from behind the plate glass of the office cubicles, were milling about nervously. David hung onto his father’s sleeve, for once wishing his father were not such a giant, his beard not quite so full and luxuriant and eye-catching.

Voices rang out, shrill and frightened, and suddenly the place was full of Black Boys with their shiny boots and belts, the light glinting on their visors and glasses. They had been waiting for something. Could they have heard rumours of the secret passage? There was a scuffle and the Black Boys rushed together like iron filings to a magnet. Scuttling like black beetles from behind every pillar and through every doorway, they converged on the centre of the hall, where a lone worker in the grimy clothes of a miner was laying about him with his fists and swearing at the top of his voice.

“Dan!” Ezekiel gasped, his eyes wide with shock. “What’s he doing here? What in the name of all that’s holy is he playing at?”

He edged closer.

David tugged at his sleeve. “Da?”

“Stay here, son, and keep out of sight if you can.”

“Da, don’t—”

Ezekiel stepped out of the shadows and watched, jaw and fists clenched in helpless fury.

“Get away from me, yah black bastards,” Dan bawled. His right fist made contact with the jaw of a guard who ventured too close, and that was the signal. With batons raised, a dozen Black Boys lunged at him, and Dan bent over to avoid the first of the blows. As he crouched, his gaze swept the hall until he found Ezekiel. He winked. “I’ve done nothin’,” he shouted. “Touch me again an’ I will though!” He managed to grin at Ezekiel before disappearing beneath the black uniforms.

Ezekiel turned away, his eyes glittering. David couldn’t move, too shocked by what he had seen. His father pushed him away.

“Let’s get down to Underworld. It’s the least we can do for him.”

“But Uncle Dan—they’re murdering him!”

“Just move it when I tell you,” Ezekiel shouted in his pain and his anger, the tears wetting his face. “Don’t let them have murdered him for nothing.”

They ran to the place behind the last washing chute where the floor tiles hid a trap door. The laundry was in uproar; the fight had drawn all the guards out of hiding, all wanting to be in on the restraining of a dangerous madman. Those who were waiting to go down to Underworld, the men and women dressed as laundry workers, with small children hidden behind them, hurried down the dark stair, stumbling and tripping in their haste.

When the last of them had bobbed down into the dark, the trap was lowered, and the floor tiles were replaced. A couple of workers casually manoeuvred a palette of detergent over the place and left it there. The Black Boys dragged Dan’s inert body outside.

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